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John C. Neyland
Financial Advisor & President

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The Person and Family Man

John was born into a troubled home environment in South Louisiana. With an abusive father and an alcoholic mother, he experienced a hurtful and unloving childhood. At the age of 15, shortly after meeting the love of his life, he developed a severe case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). From that moment on, John struggled with his family life and the rigors of living with OCD. After years of progressively overcoming his pains, he transformed his life into a monument of love, strength, and success. He is a dedicated husband and father of three. He attributes his successes to having passion, a mission, and a goal. John is dedicated to enabling people to enjoy a life they otherwise would not have.

The Businessman

John is the Founder, Owner, and President of JCN Financial & Tax Advisory Group. As a Fiduciary Investment Financial Advisor, John is certified in Series 7 Commemorative Securities, General Securities, and is a Series 66 Uniformed Security Agent/Registered Investment Advisor. John is also a member of Ed Slott’s elite IRA Advisory Group and holds other certifications from the Society of Certified Senior Advisors, is an Advanced IRA Rollover and Distribution Expert, and a Senior Tax Eliminator. JCN Financial services more than 300 clients and generates millions of dollars in Assets Under Management (AUM).*

The Humanitarian

With a passion for helping disadvantaged youth in his community, John has not only sponsored local charitable organizations, but has also established the John’s Dream Foundation, an organization dedicated to positively transforming the lives and mindsets of inner city young adults. In addition, John has founded S3 (Strength Science Studio) in Baton Rouge, LA. S3 focuses on providing the ideal training for those looking for a less invasive gym environment.

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The Speaker

John is on a mission to help people connect the dots between their past, present, and future. Through fascinating stories and advice, he has become one of the most in-demand speakers on how to live a purpose-driven life. He provides a boost of inspiration and a roadmap for those of us seeking to better the world. A noted expert in this area, he has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, NBC, ABC and numerous other media outlets.

The Author

In a further effort to make a difference, John’s first book, How to Live the Life You’ve Yet to Dream, explains what he has learned, how he has grown, and how he has made it his life’s mission to help others achieve their dreams. Dedicated to giving back, John shares how to turn personal struggles into positive outcomes.

The value of our lives is measured by how we leave others in our wake, whether it’s our spouses, our children, or the person down the street,” Neyland says. “Plan on helping someone, somewhere or somehow, on a regular basis. If you do this and do it earnestly, you’ll be surprised at what it does for your own life.”